When we think connectivity, often it’s the passenger experience we have in mind. But with air to ground communications and the realtime feedback it promises, aircrafts can now communicate with on the ground airline operation centres, which deliver the right parts to the right gate at the rate time.

Using Google Earth, Thales' support system monitors connectivity to provide IT support for a proactive maintenance system.Panasonic Avionic's aircraft antenna design reduces weight and drag.

For aircrafts to stay connected, they require antenna that can transmit data to the fuselage and onto your laptop. Antenna tend to be heavy and bulky, but Panasonic has developed a unique solution that allows signals to be transmitted without increasing drag on the plane.

Panasonic Avionic's aircraft antenna design reduces weight and drag.

APEX 2012 isn’t just about the hardware. With onboard connectivity and wireless quickly becoming the norm, the demand for content is increasing. This year there was a marked uptick in the number of distributors and studios in attendance, including those with a niche focus, such as this Korean animation distribution company.

More space on IFE systems means more content choices.