Today’s air passenger experience involves digital communication at every stage of the journey. There is an increasing need for flexibility and diversity in managing channels alongside the live experience.

Thanks to mobile and social media, products and services are now available to customers to purchase or engage across every environment and mode, including those that were previously considered offline.

The margins of the customer experience have truly changed. Every smartphone-equipped customer is a potential point of sale or point of influence, wherever they may be. The audience’s need for relevant and engaging content is truly ‘on the go’.

Customers demand and expect everything from content.They’ll read, watch, listen, reply, share, download and play. And they’ll do it on the bus, at the gym, the mall or even waiting for their meal to arrive.

Content providers connect the touchpoints of these environments with targeted media solutions, addressing audiences  with entertainment, interaction and information.

We optimize content for a specific client brand look, tone and feel as well as tailor each technical environment according to the context.

For example, nowadays a social media story that connects with the brand’s internet offer  – say a destination promotion – may depend on bespoke content featured in multiple LCD screen environments, including an elevator up to an office floor 3,000 miles away!

As the customer experience of many client categories evolves into a myriad of touchpoints, content plays its part with greater relevance and greater results.

Passengers don’t just exist in the sky, they exist wherever content finds them, and as content providers, we are ready to join them on their journey.