smallapexsparksheetWelcome to the first episode of The Sparksheet@APEX Podcast! On today’s episode we tackle that big bad buzzword, connectivity.

It’s hard to believe that people were using wi-fi in the cabin more than half a decade ago. But as the technology matures, the conversation is shifting from whether it’s possible, to how airlines are coping with the plethora of web and wireless options at their wingtips. A lot, in other words, has changed.

We do our best to tackle the major issues. So take a listen and let us know what you think in the comments!

Show Notes

In this episode you’ll hear from:

Ash Eldifrawi, CCO of Gogo

Russ Lemieux, Executive Director at APEX

Nicole Toth, Analyst, Product Development at JetBlue Airways

Roxanna Carter, Manager, Onboard Technologies at JetBlue Airways

Anna McEntee, Manager, Onboard Content at JetBlue Airways


Gogo provides connectivity to 2,000 aircrafts and combined connectivity and IFE to 1,500 aircrafts.