smallapexsparksheetWe learned something important on the second episode of The Sparksheet@APEX Podcast: The IFE world wants to embrace engagement, it just isn’t quite sure how it applies.

Which is fair, since “engagement” is approaching jargon territory. Despite its many applications and potential overuse, it’s a relevant concept. In the world of digital publishing and analytics, engagement typically means page views and dwell time. Brand marketers tend to think about it in terms of relationships and conversations.

But as we learned in this edition of the podcast, most of these concepts are still new to the IFE industry. But that didn’t stop us from asking a gaming company director, a designer and a portable IFE solutions provider about it anyway. We hope it’s a… captivating listen.


Show Notes

In this episode you’ll hear from:

– Mario Poirier, Director, Ensemble Media
– Charles Lim, Director, Digital, Spafax
– Ed Pleydell-Bouverie, Director of Technology and Co-founder, Jetpack IFE

Special thanks to Kristina Velan, data and content analyst at Spafax and editor of for her APEX Expo trade show floor interviews.