smallapexsparksheetHollywood films are the dominant form of entertainment in the inflight world, but they aren’t necessarily top of mind to someone speaking one of India’s 122 languages. She might be interested in a Bollywood film, but chances are just as good that she’d prefer to watch something from the cinematic culture of Andhra Pradesh.

She might be one of the billion passengers who flew in Asia-Pacific last year, but she could just as easily be living in Manhattan.

For the entertainment edition of The Sparksheet@APEX Podcast, we zoom out from Hollywood to get a global picture of how distributors, studios and content service providers are working to take advantage of the global film economy and deliver diverse content to audiences in the air.

Show Notes

In this episode you’ll hear from:

Michael Freedman, Global Business Development Director, Interact

Murtuza Kagalwala, Co-founder, Contentino Entertainment

Mark Horton, VP Non-Theatrical Distribution, Paramount

Special thanks to Kristina Velan, data and content analyst at Spafax and editor of for her APEX Expo trade show floor interviews.