The term “captive audience” gets thrown around a lot in the inflight world, and for good reason. From the moment a passenger steps in to the cabin, she is at the mercy of the airline. Ideally passengers will be captivated by their experience, enough to earn the airline word of mouth recommendations and brand loyalty.

So for our final episode of The Sparksheet@APEX Podcast, we wanted to speak to the people thinking about how everything from service, design and amenities to the entertainment on board can make or break an airline brand.

On with the show!

Show Notes

In this episode you’ll hear from:

Elliot Howells, Account Manager, buzz products

Leonard Hammersfeld, Director, buzz products

Christine Ringger, Manager, IFE, Swiss International Air Lines

Stephanie Perrone Goldstein, Sales Director, LRA Worldwide

Special thanks to Kristina Velan, data and content analyst at Spafax and editor of for her APEX Expo trade show floor interviews.